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I’m so fortunate and so are the dogs to have a great kennel partner in Maine. The purebred Siberian side of the house now has 7 Champion Siberians, 4 have made International champion status. Not only that they pull sleds and work like they were meant to.

Also, Seraph is currently the #4 fastest dog in the USA at “Fast-Cat” competition. This is a 100 yard dash chasing a rabbit lure. He’s clocked at 25.26 Mph. Pretty fast for a show dog?

On the Seppala side of the house, the Sepps took Hannah to her second win in the Ironpaws 2021 6-dog team sled classic. They completed 1526 miles by sled, topping second place by 1000 miles. We aren’t done yet.

Ivan is a cross between the Seppala lines and his cousins, the Purebred Sibes. So far he is a monster bred from two lead dogs. His future is bright, but time will tell what this outcross produced.

International Champion and Fast Cat #4, and more important a sled dog.
Rising Start Northlane’s Poison Ivy (Ivan.)

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