Seppalta’s Ace.


Romeo of New Hope Seppala’s

I’ll admit I do things in spurts. This is the 24th painting of my short career. I paint what inspires me. These dogs I paint I know about, they are in fact a credit to their race. They have proven to me over and over again that nothing is impossible.

They have no fear of the unknown, for they will blaze a trail without knowing what lies ahead. And they do this because they do not fear failure. Fear of failure is what stops most people from achieving more than they think is possible.

I paint, write, run dogs on the urban highways, and pretty much attempt to do anything that strikes my fancy. Do I fail? Of course I fail at times but that doesn’t stop me from trying again. Failing at something is a marker of where you are in each endeavor. It’s a point in time, not the end of the world.

All creatures dream, it’s what you do with that dream that matters. I know so many people who don’t know who they are, or have some false reality of what they should be. Listen to your dreams for that is what is really inside your heart. Ignore what anyone else thinks you should do or be as a person.

Dreams can move mountains if you’re willing to blaze the unknown trails of life. Take that chance, do what you love no matter the cost. A Siberian is true to themselves first because that is what they are. We are not so true to ourselves as them. We strive to satisfy what others think we should be.

Be what you were meant to be, for you will find much joy regardless of what you have to give up along the trail that gets you there.

Break the box that surrounds you…find your own place in the world. Not the one that others think you should be in.

That’s what a Siberian would do.






A Lesson in Time:


Dogs have a lot to teach us if we pay attention. One lesson I’ve taken to heart over the last few years is to “Live in the moment.” An old saying that I’m sure you’ve heard before. But for most it’s just that. A saying we’ve heard before… but never really given much thought about it.

Dogs surely live in the moment as each new day is precious to them. What happened yesterday is gone, and worrying about tomorrow is not part of what they do. Think about how much stress would be gone if we all adapted that same attitude.

Do dogs feel that way because of limited intelligence, or because they are more intelligent on some level? I doubt we will ever know for sure. But one things for sure…they have a grasp on how fleeting time is.

So many of us humans get on the train of life and just sit by the window looking out and dreaming the ride away. They never actually do the work required, or take the risks needed to make any of those dreams come true. They never realize that time is running out until they see the station at the end of the line. That final destination waiting for all of us is closer than we think.

If you believe a dog ages an average of 7 years for each one of ours. That means every day, our dogs have aged a week in our time!

Maybe that’s why dogs live in the moment, because each moment is so precious. Maybe that’s why they are so happy to see us when we come home from work? To them you’ve been gone almost 3 days in their time!

That’s why you should never be annoyed, or too tired to give your dog a walk, or play with them when they want it. They’ve been waiting days in their time…just to spend a few minutes with you.

Time passes too quickly, don’t waste it.

Tonya of Seppala

The newest painting I’ve completed. I only paint huskies because you have to believe in what you’re painting to make it work.


The Road Less Traveled:

Life with Siberian Huskies


This is a true tale about the road to understanding a Siberian. I can’t speak for everyone, because our trails and dogs are not all the same. Even so, I think there are some common things that happen as you start out with one of these old souls.

The first part of my journey was falling in love with how a Siberian looks. Not hard to do at all because it was one of the most beautiful creatures nature has ever produced. Not only do they have beautiful colors and markings…it’s the eyes that get me.

They eyes are the window to the soul. These huskies have the most enticing eyes. Eyes not only of color, but those that exude intelligence. They are in some ways the eyes of the wolf.

Burning into you, examining everything around them, and looking deep into your own gaze… with a judgmental and questioning…

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Seppala Siberian Sleddogs & Poland Spring Kennels:

1928 Leonhard Seppala
E litter2
The Legacy Continues today….

Part of what makes these dogs so special is their history. They have a rich history that spans 93 years from the famous serum run that saved Nome. It’s actually longer but that is the date I’ve picked. That is the date that they made their mark on the world.

Soon after that remarkable feat, fame brought the dogs and Leonhard Seppala to the lower 48. When he retired from racing he left all his dogs with Elizabeth Ricker at Poland Spring Maine. The same name of our kennels, a great name sake that pays homage to these amazing dogs. From that point on the Siberian Husky was here to stay. You can now find Siberians almost everywhere in the world. But you cannot find Seppala’s unless you look very hard and have a bit of luck.

A small group of dedicated kennels and owners have over the years done their best to keep this original line alive and as pure as possible. A few folks have dedicated their whole lives to it. Many have sacrificed a lot to keep this line as pure as possible.

You might wonder why? What would drive someone to dedicate so much to some dogs? I can’t answer that for anyone but myself. There is something special about them. There is something present that I’ve never seen in other breeds. It’s intoxicating and makes you want to never lose it. I want to share that feeling with all who will listen, and hopefully want to find out for themselves, what it is to be smitten by them.

For if that happens, they will never again be in danger of disappearing from this world. And that is what drives me to see them flourish once again. That is what drives PSK to provide the best Seppalas we can. Dogs rich in pedigree and work ethic. Dogs that can work as hard as they love their families.

To understand a Siberian, one must understand their history. To understand what makes a Seppalas special one must understand their unique history and lines. Those pure working lines they came from, that made them famous in the first place.

So, with that I’m going to start sharing some of that history in news clippings and insights from those who came before. This is what PSK is about. It’s not about making money it’s about the dogs. It’s about a unique heritage that must be preserved.

See or dogs on FaceBook: Poland Spring Kennels -PSK



Gaze Upon New life

Seppala puppies at 4.5 weeks old.


1234 weeks E litter4

You may call me crazy or worse, but I’ll tell you what I think about huskies. I believe they never really die. Oh, sure their bodies may pass, but the memories they have of previous lives does not. I can say this because I’ve seen puppies who have way more knowledge than they should have for being alive just a few weeks.

Thousands of hours spent with them only increases my view. They are not normal dogs in any sense of the word. They are old souls in new bodies ready to again tackle the world.

They are fearless, confident, and ready for any challenge because they have done it before in a previous life. The husky is indeed a remarkable beast.

The proof of this is in their eyes. If the eyes are the window to the soul, you’ll see none purer. You will see fields of snow, impossible storms, and the willpower it takes to survive the cruelest places on earth.

It’s all there if you look. It’s what they are, and there is no denying it. A husky will always be true to themselves. For to do less brings discredit on their race. These Siberian People.

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